KMT KPM-203D-1 抛光机

▪ Number of rotation : 5 ~ 900rpm knob controller

▪ Disc Size : AL Φ203, tapered type

▪ Cooling Water : Free-form valve mounted

▪ Cleaning method by water spray in bowl

▪ Motor system for minimizing noise and vibration

▪ SOL mountable for cooling water supply and shut off

▪ Economical price and new concept of consumables included

▪ Sandpaper fixing ring : 3-point stainless ring

▪ Size : 350(W) * 500(D) * 400(H) mm


The tester is desgned to obtain specular surfaces of various specimens.

It is useful for observing the specular surfaces obtained by a grinder with a microscope.

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