Koehler K45604 自动蒸发分析仪 (0-450°C; ±0.1°C)

The Koehler Automatic Distillation Analyzer is designed to perform optimal distillation analyses of gasolines, fuels, oils, solvents, aromatics, napthas, kerosenes, hydrocarbons, and other volatile products to ensure conformity to rigid quality control standards.


Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D86, D285, D850, D1078, D4737; D189 Section 10; DIN 51751; ISO 3405; IP 123; IP 195; JIS K0066; JIS K2254; NF M 07-002

Temperature distillation range: 0 to 450°C (±0.1°C accuracy)

Condenser: -5 to 60°C (±0.1°C accuracy); closed loop system

Receiver chamber: 0 to 60°C (±0.1°C accuracy)

Distillation parameters

Distillation rate: 2 to 15mL/min in 0.1mL increments, user selectable

Receiver volume: 0 to 100mL (±0.01mL accuracy)

Barometic pressure: range 550 to 900 mm Hg (±1 mm Hg accuracy)

Environment: Operates at 0 to 25°C (113°F)

Electrical requirements: 230V 50/60Hz 10A

Dimensions: LxWxH,in.(cm): 21x21.5x27.75 (53.3x54.6x70.5)

Net weight: 230 lbs (91kg)

Shipping Information

- Shipping Weight: 260 lbs (95kg)

- Dimensions: 28 Cu. ft.



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