Koehler K47190 自动絮凝滴定分析仪 (20-100°C)

The Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT) is a highly automated, computerized instrument that acquires oil stability and compatibility parameters directly.


- Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D6703

- Temperature range: 20 to 100°C

Electrical requirements: 220-240V 50/60Hz


- lxwxh,in.(cm): Base/Support Assembly: 12x24x36 (30.5x61x91.4)

- Net weight: 200 lbs (90.7kg)

Shipping information

- Shipping weight: 312 lbs (141.5 kg)

- Dimensions: 44x34x44 in. (111.8x86.4x111.8cm)

Included accessories

- External Desktop PC with Data Acquisition Software

- Fiber Optic Spectrometer with Multi-Bandpass Detector

- High and Low Flow Rate Metering Pumps

- Magnetic Stirring Plates

- Programmable Circulator with External Probe to Monitor Jacket

- Temperature of the Sample

- Reaction Vessels

- Quartz Flow Cell with Temperature Stability Feature

- Glassware

- Thermometer Probes

- Digital Variable Sample Circulator with Built in Reverse




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