Koehler S-Flow IV+ Omnitek 自动 Houillon 粘度测试系统 (0.3-3.000 mm2/s, 150°C)

The kinematic viscosity characterizes flow behavior. This method covers the measurement of kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids; such as base oils, formulated oils, diesel oil, biodiesel blends, residual fuel oils, marine fuels, and used lubricating oils using an automated Houillon viscometer. 


Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D7279, D2270, Correlates to ASTM D445

Measuring range: 0.3-3.000 mm2/s (cSt) @ 40°C

Temperature range: 20-120°C (68-248°F) (*For temperatures around ambient, and external chiller is required)    

Temperature stability: Better than ±0.02°C

Timer accuracy: 0.001s

Sample volume: 0.3-1.0mL

Solvent consumption: 2-3mL per cycle

Sample throughput: Up to 80 samples per hour per bath (under optimal conditions)

Number of baths: 2 baths

Viscometers per bath: 2 viscometer tubes per bath 

Viscometer type: Houillon

Sensor type: Optical, self-calibrating

Time measurement: Automatic

Integrated cleaning pump: Yes

Solvent injection: Automatic

Warmup prior to measuring: Yes

Touchscreen: 12" Capacitive

Data export: USB storage device

Electrical requirements: 115/240V, 50/60Hz, 950kW

Dimensions: wxdxh,in.(cm): 15.75" x 22.85" x 26" (40x58x66cm)

Net weight: 100 lb (45kg)



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