KOMEG KTS-300B 热冲击试验箱 (-55℃~150℃,300升)

Interior size (WxHxDmm): 800x600x650 
Exterior size (WxHxDmm): 1850x2000x1980
Test weight(KG):20
Low Temp. chamber: -70℃~-10℃
Pre-heat time: +20℃~-70℃ ,Within 60 min
Test. chamber: -55℃~+150℃
High Temp. chamber:+60℃~+200℃
Pre-heat time: +60℃~+200℃ ,Within 20 min
Recovery time: High-Temp Exposure 30 min
Low-Temp Exposure 30 min
Recovery time within 5 min
Safety device: No fuse breaker, over pressure、 over heat and over current protection for compressor,over temperature protection,
over load protection for blower, dry heat protection
Standard accessor: Cable port(portΦ50mm)*1, shelves*2
nterior material: Stainless steel plate( SUS 304)
Exterior material: Baked painting steel or stainless steel(SUS304)
Insulation material: Rigid polyurethane Foam+glass fiber wool
Refrigeration system: Water Cooled 
Semi-hermetic compressor, cascade refrigeration system, CFC free refrigerant( HFC-507 and HFC-23)
Power AC 380±10% 50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires

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