KOMEG TST-1125D 热冲击试验箱 (1125L)

Volume: 1000L

Inner size: W 1500 mm*H 750 mm*D 800 mm

Exterior size: W 1700 mm*H 1785 mm*D 1900 mm (Not include machine protruding parts!)

Area: About 3.23m2;(Confirm after signing the contract)

Technical parameters

Test Conditions: Equipment cooling method: air-cooled

Measured at room temperature: + 25 ℃ with no load

Temperature range: -20℃ ~ +100℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤2.0℃

Temperature deviation: ≤±2.0℃

Temperature change rate:

Heating rate: -20℃~+100℃, Average 3℃/min;(no load) 

Cooling rate: +100℃~-20℃,  Average 1℃/min;(no load) 

Maximum load: 50Kg LCD Panel, 250W heat compensation

Humidity range: 50~95%R.H 

Temperature and humidity range: Humidity deviation, ±3.0%RH(>75%RH)±5.0%RH(≤75%RH)

Humidity uniformity: ±3.0%RH(no load)

Humidity fluctuation: ±2.0%RH

Noise: ≤75(dB) (The noise detection device is measured 1m away from the equipment door)

Power source specification: 380V AC(±10%)

Three-phase line + protection ground, grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω .

Power frequency: 50±0.5Hz

Ground protection: Ground resistance ≦4Ω .

Drain connection: Pagoda connector plug φ10 inner diameter silicone hose

Note: Guide the condensed water out of the cabinet.

Power supply wiring:

1. Standard power cord: 3m

2. Customers should provide a dedicated fusion-free switch for the equipment.

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