KOMEG TST-360D 热冲击试验箱 (-55℃~150℃,360升,2室)

Interior size (WxHxDmm): 710x830x770
Basket size: (WxHxDmm): 610x730x510
Test weight(KG):5
Low Temp. chamber: -80℃~-10℃
Pre-heat time: +20℃~-80℃ ,Within 60 min
Test. chamber: -60℃~+150℃
High Temp. chamber:+60℃~+200℃
Pre-heat time: +60℃~+200℃ ,Within 20 min
Recovery time: High-Temp Exposure 30 min
Low-Temp Exposure 30 min
Recovery time within 5 min
Safety device: No fuse breaker, over pressure、 over heat and over current protection for compressor,over temperature protection,
over load protection for blower, dry heat protection
Standard accessor: Cable port(portΦ50mm)*1, shelves*2
nterior material: Stainless steel plate( SUS 304)
Exterior material: Baked painting steel or stainless steel(SUS304)
Insulation material: Rigid polyurethane Foam+glass fiber wool
Refrigeration system: Water Cooled 
Semi-hermetic compressor, cascade refrigeration system, CFC free refrigerant( HFC-507 and HFC-23)
Power AC 380±10% 50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires



Working Principle

This is so called three-zone type thermal shock test chamber.
Sample is placed in the test chamber, more extreme temperature than test temperature can be set in high-temperature chamber and low-temperature chamber. When it comes to low temperature test, cold chamber door open, and low-temperature chamber working together with test chamber.
When converted into high-temperature test, cold chamber door closed, hot chamber door are opened, and test chamber working together with high-temperature chamber.
Conversion of mechanical action (transferring from high temperature to low temperature or low temperature to high temperature) can be completed in less than 1second, and the temperature can be quickly stabilized.
During the whole test, test sample is no need to be moved, and without any human intervention.


2-zone Thermal shock chamber have been designed to operate in accordance with reliability programs, quality control, commercial test programs and medical tests. It is used to test the capability of material structure or composite material to withstand the continuous environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short period. It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, electronics amongst other materials. The test result can be used as a reference or basis for produce improvement.


1.Thermal shork chamber in each zone for peak demand of heating and cooling. Provides extra thermal energy to efficiently meet the MIL-STD 883 requirements.
2.Temperature recorder provides 24 hour part temperature recording as the load travels from zone to zone. Using touch-control graph control as operation interface, easy to operate.
3.The system can be used for automatic Circulation Shock or manual selective shock, capable of setting two zones or three zones shocks as well as cold and thermal shock start-up.
4.Custom-made and optional accessories available.

Standards Implement and Met

GB/T 2443.1-2001 Test A: Low temp. Test;
GB/T 2443.2-2001 Test B: Low temp. Test;
GB/T 2443.22-2002 Test N: Low temp. Test;
GJB 150.3-1986 High Temp. Test;
GJB 150.4-1986 Low temp. Test;
GJB 150.5-1986 Temp. Impact Test;
(Load refer to 5.5.5 no active load)


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