KRUSS MBL2000 Microscope camera

OPTICAL HEAD: Inclined optical head, Symmetrical eye distance adjustment (55 – 75 mm), Dioptre compensation with scale


OBJECTIVES: Achromatic 

4x 0.10 NA 17.04 mm working distance 

10x 0.25 NA 8.05 mm working distance 

40x 0.65 NA 0.32 mm working distance 

100x 1.25 NA 0.13 mm working distance

EYEPIECES: 10x, focal length 25 mm

CONDENSER: Double lens ABBE Condenser, NA 1.25, with centering, height adjustment and filter holder

ILLUMINATION: 6 V 20 W (or 30 W) halogen bulb with brightness control. 

LED for models with the description LED

MICROSCOPE STAGE With 0.1 mm increment memory scale, left-right range of movement 74 mm, forwards - backwards 30 mm.

STAND: Made of metal with coaxial coarse/fine knob with a range of 30 mm each. 

The right coarse adjustment knob comes with a mobility adjustment, the left coarse adjustment knob comes with a quick focusing adjustment

FURTHER EQUIPMENT: Iris diaphragme, pivoting filter holder, height adjustment, glass filters in blue, yellow and green

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz


Main Body 

10x eyepieces

4x, 10x, 40x, 100x C Plan Objectives

User Manual 


Power cord



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