KTC SK7006B 机械工具套装(1滚轮柜,80工具)

Include SKR703 (3 Drawer) and

80 tools include:

3/8"sq.Socket: B3-08, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17,  19

3/8"sq.Deep Socket: B3L-08, 10, 12

3/8"sq.Ratchet Handle: BR3E

3/8"sq.Extension Bar: BE3-150

3/8"sq.Tilt Extension Bar: BE3-075JW

3/8"sq.Hex.Bit Socket: BT3-04, 05, 06, 08, 10

3/8"sq.Cross Bit Wrench: BT3-2P

45°× 6° Long Offset Wrench: M5-0810, 1012, 1417, 1719, 2224

Flat Type Short Box End Wrench: M100-7×8, 10×12, 12×14

Open End Wrench: S2-0810, 1012, 1113, 1214, 1417

Plastic Grip Screwdriver: D1M2-6, 8

Plastic Grip Screwdriver: D1P2-1, 2, 3

Heavy Duty Screwdriver: (–) FD-250

Soft Grip Screwdriver: D7SM-420

Plastic Grip Stubby Screwdriver: D1MS-6

Plastic Grip Stubby Screwdriver: D1PS-2

Baby Screwdriver: BAD-75, 0

Adjustable Wrench: WM-250

Combination Pliers (Soft Grip): PJ-200

Needle Nose Pliers: PSL-150

Diagonal Cutting Pliers: PN1-150

Ball-Peen Hammer: PH45-323

Plastic Hammer: K9-6

Spark Plug Wrench: B3A-16P, 18P, 20.8P

Nipple Wrench: MCS2-100

Bent Internal Snap Ring Pliers: SCP-171

External Snap Ring Pliers: SOP-171

Spare Tips For Snap Ring Plier: SPC5

L Shape Longball Point Hex-Key Wrench Set (9 pcs.): HL259SP (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10)

T Shape Wrench: TH-8, 10, 12, 14

Set of Small File: TZKF105(Half, Half Circle, Circle, Angle, Triangle)

Screwdriver For Brake Drum: AB-5

Tension Spring Tool: AB-7

High Class Scraper: KZ3-18

3/8"sq.Handle: ABX101

Locking Plier-Curved Jaw: 7CR

Magnet Parts Tray: YKPT-RM

 Tool Station: SKR703A (L670×W420×H900) 1 Top Liner 8 Partitions · With key

Weight: 50.5 kg



 SKR703A roller cabinet

Dimension Image
General dimension: W670 x D420 x H900
Trap dimension: w478 x d360 x h45 x 3
Weight: 39kg
Xe dụng cụ chuyên dùng KTC SKR703A

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