LABOMED BAS-100 TS 半自动临床生化分析仪

Assay method:

Absorbance, concentration, factor end point,

fixed time, kinetic, mono and Bichromatic,

immunoturbidimetric, white sample, white reagent

Wave Length:

340nm-620nm, can be increased to 800nm

(optional), 7 filter as standard configuration,

2 extra filters are optional

Light source:

6V 10W halogen lamp,Service life  2000 hours.
Light has auto shutdown function that will extend

usage period.

Absorbance range:0.0000-2.5000(10mm flowcell)  
0.0000-3.5000(6mm flowcell)
Spectral Band:

< 8 nm

Photometric Range:0 – 3.5 Abs

Vacuum system programmable:

200 – 80000 ul at least
Carry over:    <1%;
Absorbance Precision:0.0001Abs;
Absorbance drift:<0.005Abs/hour
Absorbance repeatability:CV≤1%
Incubation temperature:25℃,30℃,37℃ and room temperature are standby; temperature accuracy±0.1℃
QC analysis:  L-J QC chart , Westguard  Multi-regulation analysis.
Display:7.0 inch TFT Color touch screen,260000 Pixel,800*480 resolution; real time to show response curve
Built-in thermo Printer:Paper alarm, transparent cover; easy installation
Software:Window CE 6.0 operation system,high-capacity storage; edit 2000 assay program,200000 results
Unlimited storage by connecting to computer
Operation Manual:Available in 4 different languages
USB Port: USB Mouse; USB keypad; USB Printer; 4 USB ports; Supports all HP series inkjet printers; Computer control software,LIS system available. External scanner is available. Support remote diagnostics
Power supply:AC85-260V  50Hz or 60Hz;
Weight:12 Kg. (26.4 lbs.)
Dimensions:410mm (L) x 310mm (W) 155mm. (H)
16.1” (L) x 12.2” (W) 6.1” (H)

   Included Accessories

1 Set of spare tubing 
1 Instruction Manual CD 
1 Built-in Printer 
1 Roll of Printer Paper  
1 Power Cable 
2 Fuses

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