LabstacAM134 医用高压灭菌器(22升)

Capacity: 22 L

Sterilization Temperature: 121°C, 134°C

Sterilization Time: 4 min – 60 min

Times of Sterilization after filled up: 3-4 times

Working Pressure: 0.21 – 0.23 MPa

Pressure Sensor: Yes

Precision of Pressure Sensor: 0.1 KPA

Precision of Temperature Sensor: 0.1°C

Water supply system: Manual

Water Tank: 2 x 1.5 L Internal Stainless Steel water tanks

Type of vacuum pump: Double head

Vapour Filter: Yes

Temperature Sensor: Yes

Automatic protection when overpressure: Yes

Automatic protection when overtemperature: Yes

Lock system of door: Mechanic + Electrical lockers

Screen size: 2.5 x 2 cm, 3.8x 2 cm

Life span: 5 years

Hot air exhaust system: Copper condenser, fan

121°C Solid: Yes

121°C Porous: Yes

121°C Hollow: Yes

134°C Solid: Yes

134°C Porous: Yes

134°C Hollow: Yes

B&D Test: Yes

Helix Test: No

Vacuum Test: Yes

Clean Program: No

Prion Program: No

User Define: No

Chamber Dimension: 250×450 mm

Diameter of chamber: 250 mm

Depth of chamber: 450 mm

Inner Dimension: 700 X 445 X 390 mm

Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 700x445x390 mm

Packing Size: 790 X 500 X 495 mm

Minimum size of table for installation: 480 X 320 mm

Chamber Material: Stainless Steel SUS 304

Plug: 3 hole plug

Tray: 3

Sterilization programs: Yes/No

Weight: 43/52 kg

Wattage: 1700 W

Power: 1700 W

Power Supply: 220 V, 60 Hz


Optional Accessories: 

Accessory Code Name Unit

AX1022 Ring 1

AX1023 Inner temperature sensor 1

AX1024 pt1000 1

AX1025 pt1000 (packing with plastic) 1

AX1026 Heating circle 1

AX1027 Steam generator cover 1Set

AX1028 Steam generator stand 1Set

AX1029 Steam generator spring type gasket 1

AX1030 Heating Rod 3

AX1031 Water Pump 1

AX1032 Vacuum Pump 1

AX1033 Fuse Wire 2

AX1034 Normally closed solenoid valve 3

AX1035 Three-way solenoid valve 2

AX1036 Germ-tight filter 1

AX1037 Voltage transformer 1

AX1038 switch 1

AX1039 Bleeder valve 2

AX1040 Fan 1

AX1041 Printer 1

AX1042 Control panel 1set

AX1043 LED 1set

AX1044 Big Pipe 1Kg

AX1045 Small Pipe 1kg

AX1046 Liquid sensor 3

AX1047 Electromagnet 1


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