Labstac LT121 恒温摇床培养箱 (200-1500 rpm)

Speed range: 200-1500 rpm

Temperature Range: 5-100°C

Temperature Accuracy: <± 0.5°C

Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C

Vortex Shaking Speed: None

Shaking Orbit: 4 mm

Time of Heating: ≤15min (from 20°C to 100°C)

Time of Cooling: No cooling function

Timing Range: 1 min~99 h59 min

Motion: Orbital

Overall Dimension: 300x220x170 mm

Weight: 7 kg

Power: 150 W

Power Supply: AC220 V 50/60 Hz or AC120 V 50/60 Hz

Optional Accessories: 

SX5021 Block 96x0.2 ml

SX5022 Block 54x0.5 ml

SX5023 Block 35x1.5 ml

SX5024 Block 35x2.0 ml

SX5025 Block 15x0.5 ml+20x1.5 ml

SX5026 Block 24xDia.≤φ12 mm tube

SX5027 Block 12x15 ml Falcon tube

SX5028 Block 6x50 ml Falcon tube

SX5029 Block 103x67x30 Rectangular bath block

SX5030 Block 96 wells microplate

SX5031 Block 24x5.0ml tubes

SX5032 Block 96-Deep well microplate

SX5033 Block 15x5.0 ml Eppendorf tubes

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