Labstac LT123 恒温摇床培养箱 (300-2000 rpm)

Speed Range: 300~2000 rpm

Temperature Range: RT+5-100°C

Temperature Accuracy:  0.5°C

Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C

Vortex Shaking Speed: None

Speed Increment: 10 rpm

Shaking Orbit: 3 mm

Time of Heating: ≤12 min

Time of Cooling: No cooling function

Timing Range: 1 min ~ 99 h59 min

Motion: Orbital

Overall Dimension: 230x170x165 mm

Weight: 5.5 kg

Power: 150 W

Power Supply: 230 V, 60 Hz

Optional Accessories: 

SX5034 Block 96x0.2 ml

SX5035 Block 54x0.5 ml

SX5036 Block 35x1.5 ml

SX5037 Block 35x2.0 ml

SX5038 Block 15x1.5 ml+20x0.5 ml

SX5039 Block 24xDia.≤φ12 mm tube

SX5040 Block 32x0.2 ml+25x1.5 ml

SX5041 Block 32x0.2 ml+10x0.5 ml+15x1.5 ml

SX5042 Block 103x67x30 Rectangular bath block

SX5043 Block 96 wells microplate

SX5044 Tube Hold 96x0.2 ml PCR tube hold

SX5045 Tube Hold 24x0.5 ml

SX5046 Tube Hold 24x1.5/2.0 ml

SX5047 Tube Hold 8x15 ml

SX5048 Tube Hold 3x50 ml

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