Vortex Labstac MV141 搅拌机

Speed Range: 25000 rpm

Permissible Ambient Temperature: 5-40°C

Permissible Relative Humidity: 80% RH

Orbital Diameter: 4 mm

Motor rating Input [W]: 53

Motor rating output [W]: 10

Operation: Continuous/ touch operation

Overall Dimension: 127W×130H×160Dmm

Motor Type: Shaded pole motor

Protection Class: IP21

Weight: 3.5 kg

Power: 60 W

Power Supply: 110-120 V/220-230 V, 50/60 Hz


Optional Accessories: 

Accessory Code Name Description

MX1025 Standard top cup For <Ø30mm tubes and small vessels

MX1026 Tube holding rod Used with MX1028 to MX1032

MX1027 Universal top plate 100mm plate attachment , free of Rubber vacuum suction foot (18900158, 4pcs)

MX1028 Tube adapter For 48 holes test tubes, Ø6mm, used with MX1027/ MX1026/PS1.1

MX1029 Tube adapter For 15 holes test tubes, Ø10mm, used with MX1027/ MX1026/PS1.1

MX1030 Tube adapter For 12 holes test tubes, Ø12mm , used with MX1027/ MX1026/PS1.1

MX1031 Tube adapter For 8 holes test tubes, Ø16mm, used with MX1027/ MX1026/PS1.1

MX1032 Tube adapter For 8 holes test tubes, Ø20mm, used with MX1027/ MX1026/PS1.1

MX1033 Platform pad For <Ø99mm tubes and small vessels

MX1034 Rubber vacuum suction

foot with screw, 1pc


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