Labstac NH111 血液分析仪

Interface: Keyboard, mouse, RS232 serial port

Test Principle: Impedance for cell counting and cyanide-free method for HGB

Test Flow: 1 click to finish test automatically, 10µL blood is needed

Clog Clear: High voltage and high pressure flush

Parameter: 3 part differentiation of WBC, 20 parameters

Histograms: WBC, RBC, PLT

Sample mode: Venous, Capillary and prediluted blood

Test Channel: 2

Throughput: 60 samples/hour

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

QC Mode: 3 level QC, L-J graph

Calibration Mode: Auto mode and Manual mode

Reference Range Type: Newborn, children, male, female and general

Reagent: 2(Lyse and Diluent)

Memory: 100,000 sample results

Display: Touch screen LCD

Printer: Thermal printer, supports external printer

Dimension: 410x435x472 mm

Weight: 21 kg

Power Supply: 100~240 AC, 50/60 Hz


Parameters Precision(CV) Measurement Range

WBC ≤2.0% (7.0-15.0x109 ) / L (0-99.9x109) / L

RBC ≤1.9% (3.5-6.0x1012 ) / L (0-99.9x1012) / L

HGB ≤1.9% (110.0-180.0 )g / L (0-300.0)g / L

MCV ≤0.4% (80.0-110.0 ) fL

PLT ≤0.4% (100.0-500.0x109 ) / L (0-999x109) / L


Accessory Code Name Unit Quantity

AX5001 Power Cable (1.8 m) pc 1

AX5002 Ground Cable pc 1

AX5003 Serial Port Cable pc 1

AX5004 Mouse pc 1

AX5005 Keyboard pc 1

AX5006 Touch Pen pc 1

AX5007 Side Door Key pc 1

AX5008 Hex Wrench (Φ 2.5) set 1

AX5009 Service Pack set 1

AX5010 Thermal Printer Paper (Width: 80 mm) roll 1

AX5011 Diluent (20 L) bottle 1

AX5012 Lyse Solution (500 mL) bottle 1

AX5013 PB Cleanser (50 mL) bottle 1

AX5014 E-Z Cleanser (50 mL) bottle 1

AX5015 Diluent Cap Component set 1

AX5016 Lyse Solution Cap Component set 1

AX5017 Waste Bottle Cap Component set 1

AX5018 Waste Bottle pc 1


Optional Accessories:

Accessory Name Unit


AX5019 Barcode Scanner Assembly pc

AX5020 Thermal Printer Paper (Width: 80 mm) roll

AX5021 Service Manual pc

AX5022 Diluent (20 L) bottle

AX5023 Lyse solution (500 mL) bottle

AX5024 Lyse solution (1 L) bottle

AX5025 PB Cleanser (50 mL) bottle

AX5026 E-Z Cleanser (50 mL) bottle

AX5027 CBC-3D Blood QC High Level (3.0 mL) (R&D) tube

AX5028 CBC-3D Blood QC Normal Level (3.0 mL) (R&D) tube

AX5029 CBC-3D Blood QC Low Level (3.0 mL) (R&D) tube

AX5030 CBC-CAL PLUS Calibrator (3.0 mL) (R&D) tube


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