Leadfluid TFD01-01 实验室注射泵(5μL-1000μL,1CH)


Software system: LF-Toutch-GUI (standard); LF-LabComSoft computer control software (optional)

Syringe specification: 5μl-1000μL

Channel number: 1

Max stroke Range: 70 mm

Stroke resolution: 0.198 μm/step

linear velocity range: 0.635 um/min to 95.25 um/min

Linear velocity regulating resolution: 0.635 um/min

Linear travel accuracy: error < +/- 0.5% (30%)

stroke > maximum stroke

Linear thrust, maximum rated: > 20n

Thrust adjustment: 1-100% arbitrary adjustable.

Syringe selection: built-in syringe manufacturers, choose syringe model; Or custom syringe, direct input syringe diameter

Flow correction: through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume

Display: 4.3 inch color LCD, 480×272 resolution, color 65K

With screen display and transfusion volume, quantity of liquid, flow rate, direction, syringe specification, etc.

Animation display for operating status

Operation mode: touch screen and physical buttons

Power-off memory: keep saved parameters

Other features: pause and stop, warning tone, parameters lock

Fast forward and retreat quickly

Indicator, state signal output: one for stop state, another one for direction state

Control signal input: control start/stop and direction

Communication interface: RS485, MODBUS

Power supply: 90-264V AC / 20W

Working temperature: 5~40°C (41~104°F)

Working environment relative humidity: < 80% RH

Controller dimension: 245x195x133 mm (9.6×7.7×5.2 inch)

Drive dimension: 70x44x194mm (2.8×1.7×7.6 inch)

Weight: 3.2kg (7.0lbs)

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