UPH: 1500 (No Programming Time )

* Handler system: 

Placement repeatability: ±0.03mm

Max.Stroke: X Axis: 300mm, R Axis: 330°, Z0~Z2 Axis: 50mm, Y Axis: 550mm, TZ Axis: 65mm

Pick and place method: 4 Vacuum Nozzles


+ 1655mm(W)*1520mm(H)*1060mm(D) [Without tower light]

+ 1655mm(W)*2030mm(H)*1060mm(D) [With tower light]

Net Weight: 600kg

* Motion system:

X axis stroke: 1000mm

Y axis stroke:  410mm

Z axis stroke: 70mm

O axis stroke: 360° 

* AOI System:

Fixed CCD:

+ Field of view: 25x20mm

+ Resolution: 0.02 mm

+ Repeatability: ±0.008 mm 

Carried CCD: 

+ Field of view: 35x25mm

+ Resolution: 0.045mm

+ Repeatability: ±0.03 mm


 Resident programmer:  eMMC Gang Programmer

 Programming Site: 1 to 8 site, 1 to 8 socket per site, up to 64 socket.

* Loader and  unloader:

Tray input: Auto tray move in,stack up to 10 trays for JEDEC stander.

Tray output: Auto tray move out,stack up to 10 trays for JEDEC stander.

Tape input: Available for tape with 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm tape width.

Tape output: Press-sealing mode,Accept tape with 8mm to 32mm tape width.

Tube input: Support 150mil,207mil,300mil package.

* Control System: 

OP: PC base control with Windows XP Embedded

Display: TFT LCD Monitor

Data entry: Keyboard and Mouse

* Power:

AC Input: AC 200V~245V, Single Phase 3-Cord

Freq.: 50/60Hz

Consumption: 600W

Air system: 

Air Pressure: 0.6MPa (5.5~6.0kg/cm2)

Air Flow: 50L/Min.

*Standard Accessories: 

AH-640 Main unit x1

User manual x1

USB stick x1


• Auto Tray Transporter: 

ATT-400, ≈ 30kg

• Tape Feeder:

ATF-1-XX (XX:tape width) pneumatic ≈ 2kg

ATF-2-XX (XX:tape width) electrical ≈ 2kg

• Taping Machine:

ATM-32A (8~32mm) Automated Packer ≈ about 5kg.

• Tube Feeder:

STI-3-XXX (XXX mil:IC Width)

Semi Automated Tube Feeder ≈about 3kg.

• Marker:

 MK-2, for tape, ink type for dot, number and letter, ≈ 1kg.

 MK-100, for tray, ink type for dot, number and letter, ≈ 1kg.

• IC Socket:

AH-160-XXXXX (XXXXX: IC package and Pin numbers) IC Socket.

• Press Bar:

AH-640-XXXXX-XX * XX (IC package, Pin numbers and dimension).

• Nozzle:

 Large: Internal diameter 3* External diameter 8*L15.4/mm

 Medium: Internal diameter 2.0* External diameter 3.3*L15.0/mm

 Medium: Internal diameter 2.0* External diameter 3.3*L15.0/mm



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