Leaptronix LP-2600 逻辑线路实验板

Manufacturer:  Leaptronix
Model: LP-2600


Smart Logic Design Experimental Kit

The LP-2600, a Smar t Logic Design Experimental Kit, which helps beginners to comprehend the general design functions of digital circuit, and offers multiple experimental units. The LP-2600 simplifies the process of welding ICs. As long as we load the entire circuit program into the Smart Logic Design Experimental Kit through printer port, the LP-2600 will simulate the circuit.

  • Do not require TTL and CMOS devices to do experimental circuits. Saving materials and time.
  • Help users learn about practical experiments and basic logic programs quickly without soldering IC components.
  • Offer smart INPUT and OUTPUT circuit linkage function.
  • Offer practical input control settings. Reveal each gate, IC gate and output linkage results on output circuit.
  • Offer the pin of measurement point for convenience to measure various test point virtually..
  • Fit for standard digital logic experiment programs.
  • System built-in various experimental units of basic logic gate, assembled logic and digital logic.
Experimental Content
  1. Basic Logic gates experiment
  2. Assembled logic gates experiment
  3. Adder experiment
  4. Subtracter experiment
  5. Assembled logic application
  6. Digital logic application
  7. Sequential logic experiment
  8. Sequential logic application
  9. D/A converter experiment
  10. A/D converter experiment
  11. 555 multi-vibrates circuit experiment
  12. PULL UP circuit experiment
  • Power: 90V AC~260V AC
  • Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
  • Dimension: 32cm x 22.6cm x 3.0/8.5cm
  • Weight: 2.8Kg
  • Operating Altitude: up to 5000 m
  • Operating Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature: +5℃ ~ +45℃
Other Specifications

Devices Emulating Module
  • Display:240x128 LCD
  • Emulating:
    1. TTL IN (x28) Pin 
    2. TTL OUT (x28) Pin 
    3. O.C. OUT (x6) Pin
  • Control keypad:FUNC, ESC, UP, DOWN, ENTER
Input Unit
Logic Switch:S1~S8
Signal Generator: 
  1. A, /A →100 ms Pulse 
  2. B, /B →100 ms Pulse
  3. Clock:1 Hz/10 Hz/100 Hz/1 KHz/10 KHz/100 KHz/1MHz
  4. CLK/2, CLK/4, CLK/8, CLK/16, CLK/32, CLK/64, CLKIN
Output Unit
Standard Circuit Module:
  1. Common anode LED display x 8 
  2. Common cathode LED display x 8
  3. Isolated common anode 7 segment display x 2
  4. 8 x 8 monochrome dot matrix LED 
  5. BUZZER unit 6. VH, VL, common point x 4
Advanced Circuit Module:
  1. 555 Circuit unit (a. Mono-stable oscillator / b. Non-stable oscillator)
  2. D/A unit 4bit 
  3. A/D unit 7bit
  4. PULL UP circuit experiment
Advanced Software Module::
Allow users to edit and revise experimental circuits.
  1. To download experimental circuits to experimental lab
  2. To create experimental circuits for various certificated levels
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