Leeb UEE923 超音波测厚仪 ( 0~1250μm; 0.1μm)

Measuring principle: Magnetic induction (Fe ) & Eddy current ( NFe)

Measuring range (µm): 0~1250μm

Probe: Changeable

Accuracy: ±(2%H+1) μm; H refers to the thickness of testing piece

Minimum resolution (µm): 0.1μm

Min curvature of the min area (mm): Convex1.5 Concave9

Diameter of the min area (mm): Φ7

Critical thickness of substrate (mm): 0.5

Memory: 1560

Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃

Dimensions: 238*90*38mm

Weight: 420g

Power supply: 2*AA Alkaline battery

Standard Configuration: Main Machine, probe*1(Fe or NFe), substrate*1(Fe or NFe), software & USB, Calibration specimens*5, Users’ Manual

Optional Accessories: Probes,Specimens, Paper for printer


Coating Thickness Gauge 

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