Lisun UV-MASK Mask UV Sterilizers (220V±5%/50Hz, 1.5KW)

• The tube length that the UV light source can effectively radiate: 900mm

• 16 pcs 40W UV ultraviolet germicidal tubes are installed inside (up, down, left and right) in all directions, 360 ° all-round sterilization.

• Wind Transport System: Compulsory air blower combined exhaust fan (Extracting harmful gas)

• Thermal Insulation Material: Vacuum Aluminum Silicate + Silk Cotton Double Layer

• Conveyor belt: Teflon mesh belt

• Height of UV tube: 100mm-180mm (Manually adjustable)

• Balance device: Flat water foot cup

• Power Supply: 220V±5%/50Hz (Three-wire)

• Total power: 1.5KW

• Protection device: Over-voltage and Over-current protection, Fault alarm prompt, Overpower protection




GB 4789.2, GB 4789.3, GB 4789.4 , GB 4789.5, GB 4789.10, etc


Sterilizing food through UV irradiation sterilization can effectively kill the microorganisms (such as E. coli, mold) or reduce the total number of bacteria, thereby playing a role in food sterilization. Using these two physical methods to sterilize food , the key is to choose the most suitable conditions to minimize the destruction of the original ingredients of the food to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

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