Lisun WKS-8010 Medical Masks Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester (0~50KPa)

Pressure range: 0~50KPa

Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

Injection distance: 300mm±10mm adjustable

Nozzle diameter: 0.84mm

Injection pressure: 10.6 KPa(80 mmHg) 16 KPa(120 mmHg) 21.3 KPa(160 mmHg)

Injection speed: 450cm/s,550cm/s,635cm/s

Dimension: 825mm×440mm×335mm

Power supply: AC 220V,50Hz




The instrument uses a gas source that can provide (20 ± 1) kPa pressure to continuously pressurize the sample without being limited by the space of the test site.

The instrument equipped with a pressure gauge to display the pressure, the pressure is adjustable.

Use pressurized medium: compressed air.

The special stainless steel penetrating test tank ensures a firm grip on the sample, and prevent synthetic blood from splashing around.

Square metal blocking net: Open space ≥50%; bending≤5mm at 20kPa.

Digital timer, accuracy: ±1s.

The instrument has a clamp that can generate 13.5Nm torque.

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