M&MPRO DMMW300 车距测量机

Wheel Size: 1 meter (39-3/8 ") circumference; 0.318 m (12-9/16") diameter
* Measuring range: 999,999.9 meters / feet / yards
* Wheel Accuracy: 99.9%
* Ingredients wheel: high quality plastic, rubber TPE
* Maximum speed: 13km / h
* Product Weight: 1.8kgs
* Length (open): 1122mm
* Length (collapsed): 620mm
* Capacity: 4 x AAA Duracell batteries
* Battery life: Approx. 400 + hours of actual use
* Auto power off: 3 minutes.
* Keyboard: 12 keys
* Operating temperature: 14-140 F (-10-60 C)
* Display: 6 digit LCD display (up to 99,999.9)
* Accuracy: 99.9% accuracy


Origin: American Technology
Warranty: 12 Months





Main functions and scope

1. Indicators to enable measurement 999,999.9 / Yards / Meters

2. Measure accuracy: 99.9%

3. The control panel on the handle (reading without bending)

4. Tube function (helps to read the results in the dark)

5. "Smart Wheel" (automatically includes wheel diometer for accurate wall-to-wall Measurements)

6. Area or volume is automatically calculated by computer machines.

7. Units conversion: Meters / FootlYard; square meter / square yard / square acres;

cubic meter / cubic feet / cubic yard

8. Automatic power off after 3 minutes of idleness

9. Wheel size: circumference: 1 meter (39-3/8 ") diameter: 0.318m (12-9/16")

10. Measured maximum speed: 13km / h

11. Source: Four 1.5V AAA batteries

12. Working environment: -10 ~ 60 ° C (14 ~ 140oF)

13. screen type: LCD, 7 digits (0 ~ 999,999.9).

Measurement function

1. ON / OFF power switch, press the ON / OFF power on or off,

2. START / STOP: Press START / STOP to return to the screen and it does not show "0 m" to start the measurement. After measuring the results, press again on the data results screen.

3. Units: unit of measure conversion.

4. L, W, H: L, W, H hold and read data. when measuring a certain distance, press L, W or H to hold data. L, W, H will be displayed on the LCD screen. before launch, other data can not be stored. Press the START / STOP to pause for reading data stored hold L, W or H to the LCD display will blink. Again press the START / STOP button to continue measurements and new data can be saved.

5. L * W: when data of L and W are stored, press START / STOP button to stop measuring and hit L * W to read the results.

6. L * W * H: when the stored data of L, W, H, press START / STOP button to stop the measurement and press L * W * H to read the results.

7. HOLD: HOLD press to keep the measured results on the screen. Press HOLD again to cancel.

8. + D: diameter of the wheel will be added after each measurement results

9. RESET: to delete data L, W and H. Back in the "0 m" ready to measure the new times.

10. LIGHT: Press to display screen lights.

It will automatically turn off after 3 seconds.



1. not use cleaning chemicals to clean the water that far may.de corrosives.

When used, it will automatically turn off if not press any button in the 3m to save power. when the screen is not bright or unusable, will show the battery is weak. we must replace four 1.5V AAA. listed a long time unused, the battery must be re avoid damage caused by batteries.

3. Environmental preservation. Temperature -30 ° C ~ +65 ° C and humidity <90%.

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