MADE LCI-400 Live LV Low Voltage Energized Cable Identifier

-  Identifies cables and cores

-  Gives phase rotation

-  Live LV

-  Simple to use

-  Visual and audible signal

-  Improves efficiency

-  Enhanced safety


It is used to identify a live 115/220/400 V cable on which it is intended to work, and one or more of the cores in it. 

By correctly identifying LV cables, it reduces the risk of inadvertently opening an HVcable. 

The LCI-400 is considerably reduced in size and weight and simpler to use than the NADIR.

The system transmitter is connected downstream of the point of interest to draw a complex current signal down the cable, and a hand-held receiver displays the information required to identify the cable and cores upstream by analyzing the signal. 

The transmitter can be connected to each phase (preferred), phase-to-phase, for example at a link-box, or phase-to- neutral. 

It automatically configures itself to the connection in use. The LCI-400 is intended to aid in the rapid location of a live, low voltage cable on which it is intended to work, and the cores/phases in it. It aslo eliminates the risk of opening a highvoltage cable in error. It also shows the phase rotation. 

The phase to neutral connection option is allows easy connection at a customers premises. The receiver will run for several days on new batteries. The transmitter is connected, using the crocodile clips provided, to all three phases, downstream of the point of interest. 

If this is not possible, it can be connected either between any phase and neutral on the feeder, downstream of the point of interest.

A supply cable terminating in a U. K. mains plug is also provided for rapid connection of the transmitter in a house, for example.

The transmitter automatically adjusts to the voltage supplied. Leds indicate the presence of the supply (115 V, 230 V or 400 V), and the phase rotation sense.



– 115, 230 and 400 V ; 50/60 Hz (self setting)

– 410 x 340 x 205 mm

– IP 2X

– IP 21

– 8,1 kg


– 2 6LR61 dry batteries

– 225 x 100 x 31 mm

– IP 2X

– IP 64

– 0,45 kg




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