MADE VTPI Test Case for Pre-Identifier

The test case for pre-identifier allows you to do the annual control of your voltage-free devices of pre-identification LV/MV yourself.

The test suitcase is compatible with any types of voltage-free device of pre-identification (ex : JUPITER, JUPITER +, FC2000, FC2300, FC2310, etc.).


The test case simulates a cable insulated with paper as well as a synthetic three-phase cable of 8 km in a situation of pre-identification, to allow you the execution step by step of the usual pre-identification functions, continuity and tracking of colors in open circuit or short circuit.

You will be able to check any functionality of your devices, for periodic control in case of punctual doubt on an operation, or in a pedagogic goal to train new agents to maintain your mastery of these devices.

You will avoid at the same time maintenance costs and inconveniences due to material unavailability, typically met during external periodic controls.


Weight: 5,1 kg

Dimensions: 360 x 304 x 194 mm

Temperature range: -20°C to +55°C

Sealing: IP66 closed ; IP53 opened



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