Mahr 2051671 Indicating Snap Gage (EDI– 300P– 7, 152.4 – 177.8mm, 0.5mm/0.02")

For rapid measurements of cylindrical parts such as shafts, bolts and spindles

For thickness and length measurements

Lifting lever:-

Product type: EDI– 300P– 7

Application range: 152.4 – 177.8mm

Size of  measuring  surface: 15.5 x 15.5 mm

Measuring span: 0.5mm/0.02"

Indicating instrument (included in package): 2034201 µMaxum-II Indicator

Parallelism deviation: 4µm

Measuring force: 18N

Package contains: allen key


  • Plain anvil (lower), left (option), type AL– 1755

  • Plain anvil (upper), left (option), type AL– 1756

  • Plain anvil (lower), right (option), type AL– 1757

  • Plain anvil (lower), right (option), type AL– 1758

  • Plain anvil (lower), middle (option), type AL– 1759

  • Plain anvil (lower), middle (option), type AL– 1760

  • Base/bench stand for 300P or 1000P style snap gage, type BA– 26

  • Bench stand for AGD style 3 disc masters up to 127 mm / 5”, type BA– 71

  • Heavier force spring for EMD– 30XP, type SP– 118, 2243297

  • Lighter force spring for EMD– 30XP, type SP-192, 2243295



• Patented “Channel Lock” design assures precise parallel anvil  surfaces throughout the full 25 mm / 1“ range of  adjustment 

• All Series 300P snap gages are fully adjustable with positive  position locking at any point within the range 

• 0.50 mm / .020“ movement of sensitive contact 

• Snap gages available over a wide range of sizes, styles, and  readout configurations 

• Large 15.5 mm / .61“ square tungsten carbide anvils provide flat, parallel, working surfaces ensuring precision that lasts 

• Indicator can be rotated to read from front or rear of the gage 

• All adjustments accomplished using a single hex wrench (furnished) 

• Package contains: allen key

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