Mahr CM expert 3D表面测试仪 (x 100mm, y 100mm, z 70mm)

Resolution: up to 2 (nm) vertical

Measuring speed: up to 100fps

Measuring principle: Confocal,High-performance LED (505nm / white)

Other: Collision detection in xyz direction

Power supplied: 100 - 240 V

Surface parameters: ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 25178, …

Positioning volume x: 100 mm

Positioning volume y: 100 mm

Positioning volume z: 70 mm


Supplied with: 

•  Confocal measuring head

–HDR camera (B/W or color camera)

–4x lens revolver with identification

•  L-tripod including control electronics

•  Motorized XY table (100x100 mm) with glass 


•  Motorized Z-axis (70 mm) with glass 

measuring scale

•  Measuring system computer with 24” TFT monitor

•  Objective lenses:

–5x to 100x selectable

•  MarSurf MSW 

•  MarSurf ASW 

•  MarSurf MfM 

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