Mahr GMX 600 W 万能齿轮测量中心 (X 300mm, Y 600mm, Z 700mm)

Max. workpiece weight [kg]: 300 (on fixed base plate) 100 (on centering and tilting table)

Mass [kg]:2250

Accuracy: Accuracy class I for gear measurements in accordance with VDI/VDE 2612/2613 Group 1 at 20°C ± 2°C

Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius): 0.07 µm + 0.0008 µm/mm

Footer text: *max. diameter of spur gears

Radial runout deviation (µm in table height): ≤ 0.1 µm

Measuring path Z (mm): 700

Measuring path Y (mm): 600

Diameter max.* [mm]: 600

Distance between peaks [mm]:1000

Measuring path X (mm): 300



• Probe arm changer (4 boxes)

• Anti vibration damping system

• XXL centering and tilting table (centering path up to ± 72 mm)

• Tailstock 1000 mm

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