Mahr ICM 100 标度盘指示器检验设备 (100mm,2mm/s)


• For testing of: 

• Dial indicators (analog and digital)

• Dial comparators (analog and digital)

• Dial test indicator measuring devices 

(analog and digital)

• Inductive and incremental probes

• 2-point bore gage

Positioning speed[mm/s]:2

Type: Precimar ICM 100

Measuring range: 100 mm, 4 inch (101.66 mm)

Direct measuring range [mm]: 100

Measuring uncertainty MPEE1(L in mm) [µm]: ≤ (0.2 + L/250)

Digital numerical increment [µm]: 0.02

Device dimensions (LxWxH): 235 x 216 x 480



• Holder for dial test indicator measuring devices

• Wide choice of adapters for digital dial indicators and

incremental measuring probes from various


• Please ask for the appropriate adapter

• Inductive probes from various manufacturers can be

connected to Precimar ICM 100 via the probe


• Holding device and software for testing 2-point bore

gages with a moving measuring pin (test in

accordance with VDI / VDE / DGQ 2618,

Part 13.2, 2005)

• Device for force sensor on request

• Camera attachment kit for precise and ergonomically

improved operation in semi-automatic measuring


• Calibration set for user calibration

• Factory or DAkkS/DKD calibrations available

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