Mahr WM 100 3D表面测量 (interferometer,(WLI)100 µm)

Measuring principle: By interferometer, by white light interferometer. 

                                 Light source (WLI): LED, 505 nm

Measuring range:Sensor unit can be moved manually over 200 mm in Z

                             Object table can be moved manually in X and Y

                             Interferometer, white light interferometer:

                              Measuring range (WLI): Up to 100 µm (vertical). More on request.

Supplied with:

• Sensor system consisting of:

- WLI sensor head

- Camera, 1280 x 1024 pixels, up to 169 fps

- 100 µm piezo drive, z-measuring head

• WLI software module, operating Software

• PC with Windows 10 and 24” screen

• Granite base and column with manual positioning of sensor system

• Manual XY object table for object positioning

• 20x0.4 DI lens (white light Interferometer)



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