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Major Science FS-V-A series 液体培养容器 (Double Jacketed Dish Bottom Vessel)

Controller: Duo Heating Control ( FS-05, FS-06, FS-07 )

Vessel: Double Jacketed Dish Bottom Vessel

Agitation Motor: Brushless motor

Impeller: Rushton-type; Pitched-blade

Temp Range: 5 °C above coolant to 60°C

Vessel Size: 500ml - 10L

Speed Range:

Rushton type

30-1800 rpm(0.5, 1L);

30-1200 rpm(3, 5L);

30-1000 rpm(10L)

Pitched blade

30-300 rpm

Heating: Built-in heat exchanger

Cooling: External chiller, automatic cooling water valve

Aeration: L-shape or ring sparger

Grounding Port: No need

Application: Excellent for temperature sensitive and shear-force sensitive cells such as mammalian and insect cell culture

*For FS-V-A, FS-V-B and FS-V-D series, the standard impeller is Rushton type; Pitched blade is available for cell culture upon request.

Vessel Specification

Vessel type: Double Jacketed Dish Bottom Vessel (FS-V-A series)

Material: Borosilicate glass / 316L stainless steel for headplate and all fittings (H:D ratio: 2:1)

Working volume : 500ml 1L          3L   5L      10L

Total volume :   1L  1.5L 3.8L   6.8L   12.5L




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