Malcom PC-10AA Spiral Viscometer (100~2000Pa.s, 3~20rpm)

Rotor Type: AA

Viscosity Range 100~2000(Pa・s) (1000~20,000P)

Speed Range (N):3~20rpm FIX:10rpm

Shear Rate (D): 0.6×Ns-1

Min. Sample Amount: 5cc

Measurement Accuracy: ±5% of indicated value(100~800Pa・s), ±10% of indicated value(800~2,00Pa・s)

Speed Accuracy: ±2%(100~800Pa・s), ±4%(800~2000Pa・s)

Temp. Measurement: 0~50℃ Resolution: 0.1℃ Accuracy: ±0.5℃

Rotor Material: SUS

Digital Display: Viscosity, Temp, rpm

Digital Output: USB・RS232C ※1

Recorder Output: Viscosity, Temp

Calibration: According to the standard calibration solution KF96 liquid or semi-standard options for viscosity calibration JIS Z8809

Power Supply: Viscosity & Temp.

Outer Dimension: 260(W)×260(D)×346(H)(mm)

Weight: Approx. 4.6kg (including Sensor part, approx. 0.6kg)


Proprietary software: VAM-5

Calibration Fluid: Semi-standard calibration fluid KF96 100cc or 300cc

Spare Rotors: Outer rotors: RO-1A, Inner rotors: RI-1A

Communication Cable: USB cable, Proprietary 232C cable



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