Malcom SPS-10 Solder Paste Softener (50kPa)

Mixing method:

- Pseudo-Planetary Motion Revolution: Centrifugal stress makes solder paste fluid Decentering

- Rotation: Mixed Vertically

Centrifugal stress: Max. 50kPa (0.5kgf/cm2)

Built-in timer: 10sec. ~60 minutes In the unit of 10sec. Setting from the panel

Memory function: Max. 9 setting condtions

Paste container sizes: 500g(100cc) or 1Kg(300cc)

Balance: Auto-Balancing

Safety interlocks: (1) Door lock: Locked during operation

                            (2) Unbalanced Motion Detector

Power: 30W

Power supply: AC100, 115, 220 & 240V ±10% 50/60Hz to be specified when ordering

Battery power: 4 AA Batteries for Auto-Balancer

Weight: Approx. 23kg



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