Malcom SPS-2000 Solder Paste Softener (1000rpm)

Outer dimension: 370(W)×410(D)×402(H)mm (not including protrusions)

Mixing method: One container kneading: Spinning and revolving centrifugal type

Mixing material: Solder Paste

Paste container sizes: 200-500g capacity container

(Various containers can be used by using dedicated adapters.)

Setting system: Adapter attachment system

Balance: Auto-Balancing

(Applicable for 250-550g (container weight included) with 500g container)

Speed range:

- Revolving speed: Max. 1000rpm

- Spinning speed: 1/3 the revolving speed

Speed setting range: 300rpm-1000rpm

Temp. setting range: 10°C-50°C

Temperature display range: 0°C-50°C

Memory function: Allow to memorize settings. (Max.8 items)

Power supply: AC100V (±10V) 50Hz/60Hz

Operating environment: 10-40C, 20-80%RH (No condensation)

Power consumption: 180W

Weight: Approx. 25kg



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