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NOZ7x7:    Topside nozzle 7 mm x 7mm for BR series           
NOZ8x8:    Topside nozzle 8 mm x 8 mm for BR series           
NOZ9x9:    Topside nozzle 9 mm x 9 mm for BR series           
NOZ12x12: Topside nozzle 12 mm x 12 mm for BR series   
NOZ15x15    :Topside nozzle 15 mm x 15 mm for BR series   
NOZ18x18    :Topside nozzle 18 mm x 18 mm for BR series   
NOZ20x20    :Topside nozzle 20 mm x 20 mm for BR series   
NOZ21x21    :Topside nozzle 21 mm x 21 mm for BR series   
NOZ24x24    :Topside nozzle 24 mm x 24 mm for BR series   

Quick Overview

High-Definition, Auto-X-Y Split-Vision Alignment for Automatic Removal, Placement, and Soldering of BGAs, CSPs, QFPs, and Other SMDs

Split-vision optics with a 1.3 million pixel, high-definition video camera and five separate thermocouple inputs make the Manncorp BR790-HD the ultimate solution for safe, repeatable removal, alignment, placement, and soldering of BGAs, CSPs, ultra-fine-pitch QFPs and other delicate, heat-sensitive, and expensive SMDs. Motorized X- and Y-axis control of the split-vision optics, ultra-sensitive Z-axis height-sensing controlled by optoelectronic switching, and a 6-zone rapid-IR underheater also contribute to performance that makes the BR790-HD the most advanced rework system Manncorp has ever offered.

BR790-HD - Specifications

PCB Specifications
PCB Size (Minimum) 20 mm x 20 mm (0.79" x 0.79")
PCB Size (Maximum Allowable) 500 mm x 550 mm (19.7" x 21.6")
PCB Size (Recommended Max.) 470 mm x 350 mm (18.5" x 13.8")
PCB Thickness 0.5 mm - 6 mm (0.019" - 0.24")
Component Specifications
Component Size 3 mm x 3 mm to 80 mm x 80 mm
(0.12" x 0.12" to 3.15" x 3.15")
Minimum BGA Ball Pitch 0.3 mm (0.012")
Placement Precision ±0.02 mm (0.0008")
Heating System
IR Under-Heater Max. Heat Area - 470 mm x 350 mm (3600 W)
Component Heater (Top Side) Hot Air (1200 W)
Component Heater (Bott. Side) Hot Air (800 W)
Temperature Control K-Type Thermocouple; Closed Loop PID
Utility Specifications / Facility Requirements
Main Power Source 220 V ± 10%/ Single Phase / 50/60 Hz
Total Power Consumption 5.6 KW Max. (25 A)
Machine Dimensions 850 mm L x 750 mm W x 630 mm H
(33.5" L x 29.5" W x 24.8" H)
Net Weight Approx. 70 Kg (154lbs.)

Manncorp BR790-HD BGA Rework System Includes:

  • 1 pc. BR790-HD BGA Rework System with
    • High-definition (1.3 million pixel) split-vision optics and auto X-Y drive
    • Auto Z-axis motion w/ optoelectronic height sensing
    • Micrometer adjustment for X-, Y-, and theta alignment
    • Motorized theta rotation
    • 6-zone rapid IR underheater
    • Five (5) thermocouple inputs
    • PCB holder and clamping system for boards to 550 x 500 mm
    • Laser pointer for bottom side heater/PCB setup positioning
    • Two (2) adjustable PCB bottom-side support beams
    • Touch-screen controller
    • 15" LCD display
      Note: Upper heater nozzles for top-side heating are available in sizes from 7 mm to 58 mm and should be ordered separately to meet your application needs. Nozzles should be approximately 2-3 mm larger than the component.
  • 1 pc. 36 mm x 36 mm bottom heater nozzle
  • 1 pc. 58 mm x 58 mm bottom heater nozzle
  • 1 set Vacuum nozzles w/ adapters and silicone tips
  • 5 pcs. K-type thermocouples with connectors
  • 1 set Toolkit
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty


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