Memmert HPP1400 不锈钢人工气候箱/ 恒定/ 湿度/ 温度(1360L)

Volume: 749 liters

Interior dimension: 1250W x 1450H x 750D mm

Exterior dimension: 1435W x 1913H x 1007D mm

Stainless steel grids: 4

Max. number of grids: 28

Working temperature range: 15 (at least 10 below ambient temperature) to 60°C

Setting temperature range without humidity: 15 – 60°C

Setting accuracy: 0.1°C

2 Pt100 sensors DIN Class A in 4-wire-circuit for mutual monitoring, taking over functions in case of an error

Setting range humidity: 10 – 80% rh

Humidity supply with distilled water from external tank by self-priming pump

Humidification by hot steam generator

Dehumidification by cold trap using the Peltier technology

Setting accuracy: 0.5% rh

ControlCOCKPIT: TwinDISPLAY. Adaptive multifunctional digital PID-microprocessor controller with 2 high-definition TFT-colour displays

Language settings: German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Hungarian

Adjustable parameters: temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), relative humidity, programme time, time zones

Timer: Digital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days

Function HeatBALANCE: adapting the distribution of the heating performance of the upper and lower heating circuit from -50 % to +50 %

Function SetpointWAIT: the process time does not start until the set temperature is reached.

Calibration: three freely selectable values each, temperature and humidity

Interface: Ethernet LAN, USB

Programme stored in case of power failure

Programming: AtmoCONTROL software on a USB stick for programming, managing and transferring programmes via Ethernet interface or USB port

ControlCOCKPIT with USB port for uploading programmes, reading out protocol logs, activating the User-ID function

Displaying of already logged protocol data on the ControlCOCKPIT (max 10000 values correspond to approx. 1 week)

Temperature control: over- and undertemperature monitor TWW, protection class 3.3 or adjustable temperature limiter TWB, protection class 2, selectable on display

Additionally integrated over and undertemperature protection "ASF", automatically following the setpoint value at a preset tolerance range, alarm in case of over or undertemperature, heating function is switched off in case of overtemperature, cooling function in case of undertemperature

Integral fault diagnostics for temperature and humidity control

Alarm: visual and acoustic

Energy-saving Peltier heating-/cooling system integrated in the rear

Structured stainless steel housing, scratch-resistant, robust and durable; rear of zinc-plated steel

Door: Stainless steel doors with glass sectors, fully heated inner glass panes integrated in the full-sight glass door with 2-point locking, two leaves

Internal data logger with a storage capacity of least 10 years

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Electrical load: approx. 3100 W.

Ambient temperature: 16 – 40°C

Humidity: max. 70% rh, non-condensing

Installation: 4 feet; mounted on height-adjustable and lockable castors


+ Calibration certificate for 25°C/ 40% rh and 40°C/ 75% rh (Memmert supply)

+ Stainless steel grids, 4 pcs

+ Water tank including connection hose

+ Manual



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