METRIX DOX2070B 数字示波器 (70Mhz, 2CH)

- Type of display: 7-inch WGA LCD colour screen (resolution 800x480)/Brightness and contrast adjustments
- Display of the traces on screen: Trace zone, 8x16 divisions/2 traces + reference + Maths function - Complete graticule or borders. Display mode - Samples or Vectors with interpolation, or Persistence Mode
- Commands: Usual direct commands by buttons/knobs on front panel/System of menus on right side of the screen with selection by 5 buttons next to them – "Menus On/Off" and "Print" commands
- Choice of language: By menu, 5 languages (FR/EN/DE/IT/ES), on-line help in English
- Bandwidth: 70 MHz ; 20 MHz bandwidth limiter
- Number of channels: 2 channels, common earths
- Impedance: 1MΩ/18 pF and External Trig channe
- Display of the traces: Channel number, earth reference indicator, and trace in the colour of the channel
- Maximum input voltage: ± 300 Vp-p (without probe)
- Vertical sensitivity: 12 ranges, from 2 mV to 10 V/div – Basic accuracy ±3%
- Rise time: <5 ns
- Compensated probe factors: 1/5/10/50/100/500/1.000/2.000/5.000/10.000
- Sweep rate: From 25 ns/div. to 50 s/div. (Oscilloscope mode)
- Scan or ROLL mode: from 100 ms/div. to 50 s/div. (Recorder mode - Scan
- Horizontal zoom: yes
- Sources / Modes: CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext/5, mains /Automatic, Triggered, Single - XY
- Roll mode : from 100 ms/div. to 50 s/div.
- Type: Front, pulse width (20ns-10s), video (PAL, SECAM, NTSC), slope, alternate
- Coupling: AC, DC, HFR (HF rejection), LFR (LF rejection
- Maximum sampling: One-shot = 500 MS/s (2 channels), 1 GS/s (one channel) Repetitive = 50 GS/s
- Vertical resolution: 8 bits (vertical resolution 0.4%)
- Memory depth: Max depth = 2M points (long MEM) "Unlimited" storage capacity (USB key)
- User storage: 2MB to store files: trace, text, configuration, math functions, print files, image files, etc.
- File management: Trace files (proprietary format and spreadsheet-compatible ".CSV" format) for the signals/Complete configuration files of the instrument/Screen grab files (Windows-compatible "BMP"format)
- PEAK DETECT mode (capture of transients): Minimum duration of events = 10ns
- Display modes: Points or vectors. Persistence modes (1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, or infinite) or Averaging (factor from 4 to 256)
- XY mode: YES
- AUTOSET: AUTO Adjustment of the amplitude, the time base, and the triggering position
- MATH functions on the channels: Trace calculated in "real time": CH1 and CH2: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- FFT analyzer: FFT calculated on 1024 points/Simultaneous display of trace + FFT/4 windows (rectangle, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman)
- Manual measurement cursors: Manual, tracking, and automatic modes
- PASS/FAIL: Pass/Fail test using a limit envelope
- RECORDER : Slow signal recording mode >100ms (ROLL, 6M points)
- Automatic measurements: 32 time or level measurements
- Probe calibration signal: yes

Delivery condition:
- 1 DSO digital oscilloscope with European power cord
- 2 probes, switchable 1/1 and 1/10 voltage attenuation
- 1 USB cord for communication
- 1 CD with operating instructions, EASYSCOPE software
- Tutorial
- 1 quick startup guide (paper)

Optional accessories:
- MTX1032-B Differential probe, 2x30MHz, banana jack inputs
- MTX1032-C Differential probe, 2x50MHz BNC inputs
- MTX9030-Z Differential probe, 1x30MHz, self-contained, BNC
- HX0074 Signal generator demonstrator board kit

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