Metrix MTX 3293 高清度数字万用表 (0.02%, True RMS,ASYC IV )

Manuafacturer: Metrix
Model : MTX 3293
Item: MTX3293-BT
Warranty : 12 month

- DC, AC and AC+DC voltages : -40 to +1,200°C
- DC accuracy: 0.02%
-  AC and AC+DC bandwidth: 200 kHz
-  DC, AC and AC+DC current : 1,000 μA to 10 A / 20 A (30 s max)
- DC accuracy: 0.01%
- Frequency : 10 Hz to 5 MHz
- Resistance: 100 Ω to 100 MΩ
- Audible continuity : 1000Ω SIGNAL <20 Ω< 3.5V
- Diode test : Diode 0 -2.6 V <1 mA + Zener Diode or LED 0-20 V<11 mA
- Capacitance : 1 nF to 10 mF
- Temperature Pt100/1000: -200°C  to  800°C
- Temperature K/J TC : -40 to +1,200°C
Other functions
- Surveillance: SURV time/date-stamped MAX/MIN /AVG or PEAK ±, on all the main positions
- REL: Relative value REF-delta unit or on 3 displays + main measurement
- PWM filter : 4th-order 300 Hz low-pass filter for measuring on variable speed drives of asynchronous motors
- V-output clamp function for direct reading: Parameterizable Ax ratio
- Secondary functions or measurements: 3 measurements + main measurement
- SPEC: Display of measurement tolerance: Smin, Smax
- GRAPH: Trends of main measurements <60s + Zoom + Cursor
- Central zero: Automatic trend bargraph
- Measurement storage: 6,500
General specifications
- Type of display: Colour graphical display (70x52) with backlighting on 4 100,000-count displays
- PC interfaces: USB optical connector or Bluetooth (option)– SX-DMM software
- Alimentation: Charger or 4 x AA batteries or Ni-MH batteries
- Safety: Safety as per IEC 61010-1 1,000V-CAT III /600V CAT IV – Safety as per IEC 61010-2-033
- Environment: Storage: -20 °C to +70 °C – Operation: 0 °C to +40 °C
- Mechanical specifications: Dimensions (L x W x H): 196x90x47.1 mm – Weight: 570 g

State at delivery:   delivered with 1 bag, 4 NI-MH 2400mAH 1.5 V rechargeable batteries, 1 charger, 1 red straight/straight lead 1.5 m long,
1 black straight/straight lead 1.5 m long, 1 red CAT IV 1 kV test probe,
1 black CAT IV 1 kV test probe, 1 optical USB cable + SX-DMM software,
1 user’s manual on CD and 1 user’s programming manual SCPI,1 start-up guide on paper

- MTX329X graphical colour calibration software (HX0059B)
- Kit of 4  Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (HX0051B)
- External charger MTX 328X, MTX 329X (4 batteries included) (HX0053B)
- MTX digital DMM transport kit (HX0052B)
- Graphical colour DMM transport kit (HX0052C)
- MTX 3290 / 3291 calibration software (P01196770)


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Graphical display of the trends for each measurement function or multi-parameter display on 70x52 mm backlit colour screen.
Multiple analytical tools: time/date-stamped surveillance, peak+/- and storage of up to 6,500 values.
Optimized ergonomics: IP67 leakproof casing, IEC61010 1,000V CAT III/600V CAT IV safety measurement terminals, power supply by normal battery or Ni-MH rechargeable battery with comprehensive management of the battery charge on screen.
Multiple quantities measured around the main function and functions for specification, relative measurements, mathematical functions and direct current measurements with a clamp make these measurement experts.
USB or Bluetooth communication via the SX-DMM software delivered with the product and SCPI programming commands.
ASYC IV MTX 3293 - the ASYC IV graphical colour recorder-multimeters are revolutionizing measurement
Portable multimeters with graphical colour display can be used to measure the main electrical quantities directly and view the trends instantaneously. With their innovative design, these multimeters are compact, rugged, leakproof and easy to grip.
Their strengths lie in the product HMI, the advanced measurement functions and the measurement help provided.
High-performance graphical multimeters...
Easy-to-read 320 x 240-pixel LCD screen with black background
• Graphical display of trends on a summary screen
• Trace, cursors and zoom on the recordings
• Recording of 10 sequences
Dynamic recorders...
•Storage of up to 6,500 measurements
• Simplified parameterization of the number of measurements, the interval, the duration and the storage capacity...
• Internal storage of 10 measurement sequences
• Interactive zoom function on the recordings
• Simple surveillance mode displaying the time/date-stamped MIN/MAX and AVG values
... And much more!
• Contextual reminder of the connections
• Normal USB communication or Bluetooth available as an option
• IP67 protection against water projections and dust, ideal for outdoor conditions
• Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery, the best solution in terms of quality and price
• Operation for up to 100 hrs on batteries with management of the battery charge level
• No time-wasting: the instrument operates while charging

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