Metrix OX 7202隔离通道手持式示波器 (OX7202-CSD, 200Mhz, 2CH)

Manuafacturer: Metrix
Model : OX 7202
Item: OX7202-CSD
Warranty : 12 month

Quick selection
- Bandwidth: 200 MHz. 15 MHz, 1.5 MHz and 5 kHz bandwidth limiter filters
- Number and type of channels: 2 isolated channels
- IEC 61010 safety: 600 V CAT III
- Sampling rate per channel: 2.5 GS/s in one-shot mode, 100 GS/s for periodic signals
- Transient detection: "Glitch" capture, minimum duration 2 ns
- Vertical resolution: 12 bits, giving a vertical resolution of 0.025 %
- Display modes: Vector, interpolation, persistence, envelope, averaging (factors 2 to 64)
- Scaling and physical units: Definition of any factor and the corresponding unit
Digital oscilloscope
- Input sensitivity: 2.5 mV to 200 V/div (156 µV max. with zoom thanks to the 12-bit resolution)
- Time base: 1 ns to 200 s/div, Roll mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div
- Data storage: Several tens of thousands of 2,500-point curves (in universal "text" format). Memory depth up to 50 k – Mass storage on removable SD card up to 2 GB
- Reference curves on screen: 1 per active channel (1 to 4) / Direct storage with dedicated key
- Automatic measurements with marker: 20 simultaneous measurements on curves or deviations from the reference curve – 12-bit  resolution
- Triggering: Edge, pulse width, delay, counting, video with line counter and on one of the 20 automatic measurements
- Calculation functions on channels: FFT on 2,048 points, +, -, x, /, and complex function generator
TRMS multimeter (AC, AC+DC)
- Measurement channels with 200 kHz bandwidth: 2 isolated channels
- Measurement functions: Voltage, current, frequency, capacitance, temperature (Pt 100, K  TC),diode test and audible continuity test, relative mode, min/max mode
- Graph of measurements with cursors: Duration from 5 min to 31 days, data storage in "universal text" format . Triggering on threshold checks
Harmonic analyser
- Multi-channel analysis(2 or 4 depending on model): 61 orders, fundamental frequency from 40 Hz to 450  Hz
- Simultaneous measurements: Total VRMS, THD and selected order (% fundamental, phase, frequency, VRMS)12-bit digital recorder*
- Multi-channel recording: Duration from 2 s to 31 days, normal mode or automatic fault capture mode with pre-trigger. Sampling interval from 40 µs (50 k memory)
- Recording conditions: On thresholds or windows, simultaneous conditions on several channels. Recording (50,000 points) on the PC hard disk or SD card
- Analysis of recordings: Scale and physical units, measurement by cursors, fault detection, zoom, etc.
Power measurement
- Measurement functions: Active, reactive and apparent power, on single-phase or three-phase, and PF
- Harmonics: Harmonic analysis on apparent power
General specifications
- "Windows-like" operator interface: Colour
- Simultaneous display of traces: Up to 4 traces + 4 references on screen / "Full screen" trace mode
- PC communication and printing: RS232*, isolated USB* or Ethernet 10 Mb / Network or Centronics* printers. FTP mode to use the PC hard disk as a storage unit. Virtual Printer server LPD for printing on a printer connected to a PC. Web server with real-time display, remote control and automatic measurements
- Power supply by rechargeable battery: Battery life up to 8 hrs, quick charging in 2 hrs without removing the batteries

State at delivery: 1  OX,  1  mains  adapter/charger,  1  NiMH  9,6  V-3.8  A/h  battery  pack,  1  x  1/10  Probix  probe,  1  x  Ø  4  mm  banana  -  Probix  adapter,  1  set  of  Ø  4  mm  banana  leads, 1 Ethernet crossover cable, 1 USB cable,1µSD-card with SD-card adapter,1 magnetic stylus, 1 user manual and programming guide.


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Scopix III  is a stand-alone oscilloscope with 2 totally-isolated 600 V channels with 200 MHz bandwidth. It is now equipped with an extended 50k memory (option), considerably increasing the recording durations available.


Ergonomic: 5.7" TFT monochrome or colour touch screen with backlighting for easier reading,
Control: 33 direct command keys / "Windows-like" menus / touch screen.

Rich with original functions, like the whole SCOPIX range, the OX 7202 two-channel 200 MHz digital oscilloscope, a "multi-instrument" with a minimum footprint, provides outstanding performance, thanks in particular to its 12-bit / 2.5 GS/s converter.

  • In addition to its advanced triggering functions (pulse width, count, delay, TV), SCOPIX III offers triggering and automatic storage of faults on the basis of the measurement thresholds.
  • This OSCILLOSCOPE also has "MATH" functions which can be used to define, for each trace, a mathematical function and a vertical scale with the definition of the true physical unit.
  • Thanks to FFT, the qualitative analysis of harmonics, signal distortion and pulse response, and the investigation of noise sources in logic circuits lead to effective diagnostics.
  • The multi-channel TRMS digital MULTIMETER - 8,000 counts, 200 kHz - measures amplitudes, resistances, continuity, capacitances, frequencies and temperatures, and performs tests on components. It includes a recorder with windows from 5 min to 24 hours.
  • The HX0075 POWER module (option) enables the OX 7202 to perform power measurements: single and three-phase power, display of DPF, harmonic analysis on the apparent power, etc.
  • The HARMONIC ANALYZER(optional) can display the first 32 orders for signals with a fundamental frequency between 40 and 450 Hz.
  • The 2-channel DIGITAL RECORDER (optional) allows acquisition intervals of 500µs between 2 measurements, for records that can extend over 1 month, based on the monitoring of tolerance thresholds in particular.
  • 2-hour fast charging; battery life up to 8 hours
  • The patented PROBIX plug-and-play system of accessories ensures rapid implementation of the instrument, with no risk of error. The sensor coefficients, scales, and units and the configurations of the channels are managed automatically; the probes and adapters are recognized as soon as they are connected .

    Multi-interface communication: RS232/USB and the Ethernet interface with ScopeNetweb server make it possible to take control of the instrument remotely, and to transfer curves and screen shots without additional software.
  • Whatever your internet browser, you can dialogue with SCOPIX via its built-in ScopeNet web server
  • A ScopeNetANDROID application is available from Google Store.
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