METROLOGY OP-PM9000 可携式三眼金相显微镜


- Trinocular microscope head with WF 10X/18 eyepiece
- Coaxial illumination cast iron base
- Plain achromatic convertible objective lens unit
- CCD connect unit (CCD optional)
- X-Y-Z cross moveable slide unit
- 6V 20W halogen light intensity adjustable illumination unit
- Focusing coaxial coarse and fine adjustment unit
- X-axis double roller unit, moveable range: no limit, fine adjustment range: 30mm;
- Y-axis moveable range: 49mm
- Z-axis focus moveable range: 70mm, fine adjustment range: 1mm.
- Microscope Magnification: 50X/100X/200X/500X
- Objective Lens: 5X/10X/20X/50X

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