MICROTEST 6330-30 精密阻抗分析仪 (10Hz~30MHz)

Test Frequency: 10Hz ~ 30MHz

Minimum Resolution:100mHz, 6-bit Frequency Input

Accuracy:7 ppm±100mHz

Basic Accuracy ± 0.08% 

AC Measurement:     

               Test Signal Voltage Level  10mV - 2Vrms

               Voltage Minimum Resolution 1mV

               Accuracy ALC ON:6% * Voltage ± 2mV

               ALC OFF:10% * Voltage ± 2mV

               Test Signal Current Level:200µA - 20mArms

               Current Minimum Resolution 10µA

Accuracy:ALC ON:6% * Current ± 20µA

         ALC OFF:10% * Current ± 20µA

Test Time  (The fastest) < 3mS

Output Impedance: 25Ω/100Ω, switchable (Nominal value)

Parameters |Z|、|Y|、θ、X、R、G、B、L、D、Q、DCR、C、 Vdc-Idc、ESR、ε and μr

Measurement Mode:

Meter mode, Graphic scanning, Multi-steps mode

Calibration:Open Circuit/ Short Circuit/Load Calibration

Measurement Circuit:Series/Parallel

Multi-steps Mode:50 groups of Multi-steps setting (Each group contains up to 15 steps)

PC LINK / CPK:Option

Flash Memory:Built-in flash for setting 100 set documents

USB:LCR setting documents, BMP graphics, Test result data

Interface :I/O Interface Handler

                Serial Interface     USB、RS232

                Parallel Interface     GPIB

Display: 7.0”TFT, 800x480 Color Screen

Temperature: 10℃ ~ 40℃   Humidity: ≦80%

Power Supply:  Voltage 90V ~ 264Vac

               Frequency  47Hz ~ 63Hz

Power Consumption :Low power consumption: Maximum 30W (Nominal value)

Dimension (W*H*D): 336x147x340 mm

Weight:  3 kg

Standard Accessories:Test Fixture (FX-000C19)

Optional Accessories:

Test Fixture (FX-0000C6),Kelvin Clip Leads with BNC Box (F423906A) 

BNC Test Leads (F663001A/B/C), Dielectric Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C7) 

Liquid Dielectric Material Test Fixture(FX-000C20)

Magnetic Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C8) Test Fixture (FX-0000C9)

Bottom Electrode SMD Test Fixture (FX-000C10) 

SMD Tweezers Test Leads (FX-000C11) SMD Test Fixture(FX-000C12)




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