MICROTEST 6378 精密LCR表 (20Hz~5MHz)

Test Frequency: 20Hz-5MHz 

Points Of Test Frequency:Continuity

Basic Accuracy: ± 0.1%

AC Drive  Level:10mV to 2Vrms (1m Vrms steps)

DC Drive Level:0.01V~2V

Output Impedance:100Ω

Frequency trimming resolution:5 Digits

Frequency output accuracy:± 0.01%

AC test speed (Max.)    75mS 

AC test speed (Fast) 150mS

AC test speed (Medium) 450mS

AC test speed (Slow) 600mS

DC test speed (Max.) 30mS

DC test speed (Fast) 60mS

DC test speed  (Medium) 120mS

DC test speed  (Slow) 500mS

DC Bias Current Source

Option (Model 6220) 

Measured Value Detection Mode: Define upper and lower thresholds according to main and sub parameters

ESR: Series/Parallel

Mathematical Mode:Absolute/Percentage

Test Range: Automatic/Lock

Indicator: Pass/Fail and Built-in speaker

Safety: EN61010-1

Immunity: EN61326-1

Emissions: EN55022 Class A

Calibration: Open Circuit / Short Circuit: Avoid the misreading caused by the stray capacitance from kelvin clips and fixtures

Auto-save when power-off function: When the power is turned off or encounter a power outage, all the data will be saved automatically and recovered when tester system is switched on again

Power Supply:Voltage 90-132Vac or 198-264Vac (selectable) 

            : Frequency 47 ~ 63Hz

Display:320*240 dot-matrix display

Interface: RS-232, GPIB(option), Handler(option)

Flash Memory: Built-in SDRAM for storage of 64 groups of Multi-steps setting (Each group contains up to 30 steps)

Operation: Auto、Manual、RS-232、GPIB(option)、Handler(option)

Temperature : 10°C to 40°C Humidity : 20 ~ 90%

Dimension (W*H*D):340x133x525 mm mm

Weight: 9 Kg

Standard Accessories:Power Cord,User Manual F423501
Optional Accessories:Meter Link Software, RS-232cable,Handler Box(F423905,F423503)



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