MICROTEST 8700 精密四线式线材测试仪器 (1,5KVDC, 1KVac)

Ponit of Test :64/128/256 Points

              High Voltage Calibration for Positive / Negative Output

              Automatic Search for Terminal Point

Basic Accuracy: ±5%

Measurement Time: 0.01 Sec 

Scan Mode Testing: Auto / Short Scan (selectable)

Measurement Signal: Rated Output 5Vdc

Hipot: AC  Hipot: 50 ~ 1000Vac    Resolution: 10Vdc / 10Vac 

        DC  Hipot: 50 ~ 1500Vdc    Accuracy: ±1%

DUT Requirement: N/A

Panel: System / Rapid / Edit / Function 

Indicator: Pass、Fail、HV LED Red/Green Light and Built-in speaker

Measured Value Detection Mode: Define upper and lower thresholds according to main and sub parameters

Power Supply:90 ~ 132Vac or 198 ~ 264Vac (selectable)          

Display: 320*240 dot-matrix display

Interface: RS-232, Print Port, Remote Control, USB (option)

Flash Memory: Storage of 56 rewritable data sets

Operation: Auto、Manual、continuous test、RS-232

Environment Temperature : 10°C ~ 40°C    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%

Dimension (W*H*D)445x190x452 mm

Weight : 13kg

Standard Accessories:Power Cord,Test Report,User Manual CD,Fixture Flat Cable(AK-8600F3)

Optional Accessories:Remote Control Cable,Footswitch,Calibration Kits(KB-8685K1),Meter Link Software,RS-232 Cable


Application:All kinds of wires, connectors

 Parameters Measurement Ranges

Item            Range

Open/Short : 1KΩ ~ 50KΩ

Intermittence Open/ Short: 1KΩ ~ 50KΩ

Open/Short determinal Judge: With this feature

Conductance: 0.1mΩ ~ 50.0Ω

Intermittence conductance: 0.1mΩ ~ 50.0Ω

Resistance: Max.10MΩ

Capacitance : 10pF ~ 1000µF

Diode: 0 ~ 7V

IR: 0.1MΩ ~ 1500MΩ

AC Hipot Leakage Current: 0.01mA ~5mA

Advanced Functions :Precision 4 wire testing

Programmable continuous test,Pin search,Auto-diagnosis

Self-calibration and zero- setting

Application:All kinds of wires, connectors


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