Mingtrun MQY-200 柴油烟度计/透光烟度计

1.Environmental Conditions:

       Temperature:      0°C ~ 40°C

       Relative Humidity:  ≤90%

       Supply Voltage:    AC220V ± 10%  50±1 Hz

2.Measurement Range:

       Opacity (N):    0~99.90%

       Light absorption coefficient(K):0~16.08m-1

       Speed:            300~9999rpm

       Oil temp:          0~200°C

       Exhaust gas temp:   0~150°C

3.Indicating Value Error:

       Opacity:           ±2.0%(Absolute Error)

       Light absorption coefficient:    0.05 m-1

       Rotational Speed Piezo Electric: 50rpm

       Oil temp:          ±5°C(Absolute Error)

       Exhaust gas temp:   ±5°C(Absolute Error)


       Opacity:           0.01%

       Light absorption coefficient:0.01m-1

       Speed:            1rpm

       Oil temp:          1°C

       Exhaust gas temp:   1°C

5.Power Consumption:   250W

6.The effective length of the optical channel: 215mm

7.Dimensions and Weight:

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