MITSUBISHI AJ65SBTB1-32D CC 连结模块 (32 Input, 24VDC )

Technical specification

No. of inputs: 32

Isolation method: Photocoupler

Rated input voltage: 24V d.c.

Rated input current: Approx. 7mA

Operating voltage range: 19.2 to 26.4V d.c. (ripple ratio: within 5%)

ON voltage/ON current: 14V or higher/3.5mA or higher

OFF voltage/OFF current: 6V or lower/1.7mA or lower

Input resistance: Approx. 3.3kΩ

Response time:

 OFF—ON: 1.5ms or lower (when 24V d.c.)

 ON—OFF: 1.5ms or lower (when 24V d.c.)

Wiring method for common: 32 points/common (2 points)

(terminal block 1-wire type)

Input format: Positive/negative common shared type

(sink/source shared type)

No. of occupied stations: 1 station 32 points assignment (use 32 points)

I/O module power supply:

 Voltage: 20.4 to 26.4V d.c. (ripple ratio: within 5%)

 Current: 45mA or lower (when 24V d.c., all points ON)

Network speed: Up to 10Mbps

Network distance: Up to 1.2km



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