MITUTOYO MPP-100 高精密探头

Measurement range: ±1mm

Resolution: 0.1 m

Max. permissible probing error during scanning: MPETHPʺ3.0 m (Crysta-Apex C series: if the ø4x18mm stylus is used.)

Spring rate: 0.75N/mm

Max. stylus length: 200mm for both vertical and horizontal

Max. stylus mass: 75g

Stylus mount: M4 screw

Max. scanning speed: 120mm/s

Air flow rate: 30NL/min

Probe head: N/A

Applicable models: CNC CMM (Crysta-Apex C series, Bright-STRATO series)

Automatic stylus change system (optional): 

- 4 standard units [Port 1 is dedicated to the standard stylus (for calibration purposes)]

- Expandable to a maximum 10 ports. However, all styli should be arranged on the same axis. 


MPP-100 probe main unit

Damping oil

Connection air hose

Storage box

ø4X18mm stylus

ø4X50mm stylus

Extension L=30 mm

Extension L=50 mm

Extension L=100 mm

MS4-stylus knuckle

MS4-stylus center

Stylus tool

Allen wrench

Inspection certificate

MPP-100 Hardware Guide



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