MMF VC120 振动校准器(1 m /s²,RMS,10000 Hz,0.3%)

• Rapid and easy calibration and fault detection of vibration sensors
and instruments
• Determination of amplitude response
• Self-contained calibration system
• Test amplitude of 1 m/s² rms
• Vibration frequency from 70 Hz to 10 kHz
• Suitable for test objects weighing up to 400 gr.
• Internal signal conditioner for charge, IEPE and voltage
• Traceable to PTB standard
• USB interface for PC controlled calibration
• PC software for calibration and display with sensor data base
• Customer software control by simple ASCII commands
• Mains buffered NiMH battery for desktop and field use
• Unequalled price-performance ratio
The calibrator VC120 is a piezo mechanic exciter suitable for
testing and calibration of sensors and instruments in units of
acceleration, velocity and displacement. Its adjustable vibration
frequency allows verifying transducer sensitivity at individual frequencies
according to your sensor application. Amplitude response
can be measured as well.
By means of an internal reference loop the vibration level is measured
and controlled. The FFT spectrum of the vibration signal is
permanently monitored and possible distortion compensated using
Metra’s unique ACHD technique.
The VC120 features a signal conditioning channel for the connection
of sensors and measuring chains. It is suitable for sensors
with charge, voltage and IEPE compatible outputs. The calibrator
calculates the rms of the input signal. Measurement results with
the corresponding units and all important settings are clearly
shown on an LCD graphics display. Thus the VC120 contains
all what is needed for the calibration of sensors and measuring
Measured data can be processed, displayed and stored by the included
PC software. For that purpose the VC120 provides an USB
interface. The interface can also be used in virtual COM port mode
for control by your own sotware using simple ASCII commands.
The instrument is supplied with a factory calibration certificate
which is traceable to a primary reference standard of PhysikalischTechnische
Bundesanstalt (PTB).

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