MMF VM31-WB 手传振动测量仪

• Versatile tool for vibration measurement during product development
and for health and safety at the workplace to EU guideline
• Measurement of hand-transmitted vibration to ISO 5349
• Measuerement of whole-body vibration to ISO 2631
• SEAT measurement at driver seats
• Vibrations on passenger and merchant ships to ISO 6954
• Condition monitoring of rotating machinery in three axes
• Vibration measurement in vehicles and other vibrating structures
• Four independent measuring channels
• Weighting filters to ISO 8041 Wh for hand-arm vibration and Wb,
Wc, Wd, Wj, Wk, Wm for whole-body vibration
• Display of interval and running RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV),
interval RMS, estimated vibration dose value (eVDV), vector
sum, peak and maximum peak
• Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
• FFT of acceleration with 125 lines
• TEDS sensor detection
• Memory for measurements and FFTs with USB interface
• Excel macro included for data transfer and calculation of daily exposure
• Clear user guidance with colored OLED
• Very compact design
• 10 hours operation with 3 Micro (AAA) batteries
• Available as hand-arm kit and whole-body kit including suitable
sensors and accessories

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