Monroe Electronics 1017AEH 高分辨率探头–端看(适用于224A型)

Compact size: (9mm x 9mm x 72.5 mm)
• Toner resistant-Super-Flex cable
• Faster 1 kHz chopping speeds
Special Features: General Measurement
10% to 90% Step:<2.5ms to 1kV (typ.)
Noise Refered to Input*: <2.0Vrms (typ.)
High Resolution Probe – End Viewing



Application Notes
Two basic probe model series are available for ISOPROBE® Electrostatic voltmeters in
current production—Models 1017A and 1034.
Both are available in several types designed for
specifi purposes and are designated by suffi
letter or letters. An “E” denotes an End-viewing
probe and an “S” denotes Side viewing. Where
the choice is available, the selection may be
based on user preference or to satisfy physical
constraints in mounting. End viewing probes are
generally simpler to position. Please refer to the
Probe Selection Guide below.

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