Monroe Electronics 282M 静电场测量仪 - 手持式 - 20kV / cm范围


Display: LCD, 3½¬digit with auto polarity
readout, with HOLD and LOW BATT indicators
Range: 0 to ±19.99kV at 1 inch.
Voltages over 20kV and higher may be read by increasing the distance to the target Multiply
kV Distance reading by
0¬40 4.0 inches 2
0¬80 8.5 inches 4

200kV 25 cm x 10

Accuracy: ±5% of reading, + zero offset, ±2 Isd
Analog output 1 V signal denotes 10kV reading
Amplitude: at 1 inch for high impedance loads
Response Time: Typ. 80 ¬ 100 msec 10 ¬ 90%

Jack Type: Accepts standard 3/32 inch
(2.5mm) monaural phone plug
Battery: 9V NEDA #1604 or equivalent,
Life: 40 hours of normal use, with
alkaline battery
Physical: (L x W x H): (6.1 x 10.7 x 2.3 cm)
Weight: (0.14kg) with battery
Environment: (non¬condensing),
unaffected by ionized equipment

282IS Industrial Approval and certification: 
CE mark approved UL Certification Class I Groups A, B, C, D, and Class II Groups E, F, G, when powered by 9¬volt carbon zinc
or zinc chloride battery NEDA 1604
or NEDA 1604D.
UL Certification for Class I, Division 1,
Groups C and D only when powered
by 9¬volt alkaline NEDA 1604A

Option 282CPS Charge Plate System

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