MOTWANE D2K-M 数字绝缘测试仪(200MΩ和2000MΩ)

Manufacturer: MOTWANE

Model: D2K-M

Origin: India

Warranty: 12 months

 Display: 3½ digit LCD, 1999 counts, LO BAT indiction

Over range indication" 1 is displayed in most Significant digit

Dielectric strength: Withstands 1 min after application of 2000VAX( rms) between measuring terminal and the case

Temp coefficient: ± 0.2%/°C

Operating and Relative Humidity: 0 to 45 <90% RH at 40 °C non condensing

Storage and Relative Humidity:-10 to 70 <90% RH at 40 °C non condensing

Dimensions: 100mmx 180mmx 54mm; 0.8kg

Electrical Specifications:

Resistance: 200MΩ and 2000MΩ; ± 2% ± 5 digits( from 10% to 90% of the range)

Output Voltage: 100V/ 250V/ 500V and 1000V DC; ± 5%( with 1000MΩ i/p impedance probe)

Short Circuit Current: 1mA approx for all Test Voltage

AC Voltage Measurement: 0 to 750V at 50Hz:( ± 5% + 5 digt)

Power Source: Operate from internal rechargeable battery

Battery Backup: 1 to 3 hours for load from 20 to 2000 M


1. A set of low noise one meter long leads with multipurpose crocodile

2. Battery Charger

3. Instruction Manual

4. Test Lead pair for AC Voltage Measurement



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